“…it’s my pleasure to meet aspiring singers/songwriters, such as Addison Johnson, Cole Swindell and Mitch Rossell.  After hearing and meeting Addison, I am struck by the quality of his content and voice.  It’s really good.  Addison catches the ear of those who listen; me for sure.” ~ Mark A. Herndon (President of Chattanooga Live Music)

“Addison Johnson songs are real and passionate. From the first time I met him, I knew we were threads woven from the same cloth.” ~Mark Houser (Owner of Writers In House Music, LLC)

“I’ve been a part of the Nashville music community for over 19 years as an artist, songwriter and producer and have success on both iTunes and Billboard charts. In all those years, Addison Johnson is the only songwriter I have ever advised to move to Nashville to pursue a career in songwriting. He is that talented of a writer!” ~John Griffin (Owner of YNR Productions)

“…very much in the vein of the Bakersfield/traditional sound.  Johnson’s voice is a natural fit for this type of music, too.  He clearly knows he was meant to make traditional country music.”  ~Josh Scott (President of Country Perspective)

“Addison Johnson’s country twang draws you to his music.  It makes you remember what country music was supposed to be about…a time where music was music…I give his album 5/5 stars!”  ~Jack Saint (Author for theMusic.Reviews)