“…when it comes to losing yourself in a good country record that is enjoyable to listen to and good for a road trip, Addison Johnson’s Dark Side of the Mountain is just about perfect.  1 3/4 Guns Up.”  ~Trigger, Saving Country Music

“If you’re on the hunt for a good ol’ country-as-hell story song, look no further than Addison Johnson, because he’s one of the best out there doing it right now.”  ~Justin Loretangeli, Pro Country Music

“…it’s my pleasure to meet aspiring singers/songwriters, such as Addison Johnson, Cole Swindell and Mitch Rossell.  After hearing and meeting Addison, I am struck by the quality of his content and voice.  It’s really good.  Addison catches the ear of those who listen; me for sure.” ~ Mark A. Herndon, President of Chattanooga Live Music

“Addison Johnson songs are real and passionate. From the first time I met him, I knew we were threads woven from the same cloth.” ~Mark Houser, Owner of Writers In House Music, LLC

“Without the support of a major label, the album landed at No. 3 in the iTunes country charts on the day of its release, placing him in the company of legendary artists Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson.  Quite an achievement for an independent artist, but perfectly understandable after a few spins of the album.”  ~Declan Culliton, Lonesome Highway

“Take the talent and charisma of his more famous mountain companion Tyler Childers, some hellish ingredients – anger and depression – of Hank III, thicken with a pinch of nineties country with an outlaw smirk, and you’re cooked.”  ~Honkytonk Jukebox CZ

“Johnson has no problem effectively painting a picture for his listeners that’s packed with substance, reminding me of the few modern country artists I actually do still care to listen to, like Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson, that make the genre as good as it should be.”  ~Rachel Kolibas, Music Mecca

“Dark Side of the Mountain:  strong vocals, cinematic melodies, and immersive lyrics complete the album’s outlaw spirit.”  ~Music City Memo

“Cumberland River ’58:  I always love a good story being told by music, and done in this special moody atmosphere, this is the most honest story that I’ve heard in a long time.”  ~Florian Maier, KMS Reviews

“Addison Johnson’s country twang draws you to his music.  It makes you remember what country music was supposed to be about…a time where music was music…I give his album 5/5 stars!”  ~Jack Saint (Author for theMusic.Reviews)